What is ECESCON?

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ECESCON (Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Conference) is a scientific student conference organized consecutively each year in one of the Electrical and Computer Engineering faculties of Greece. The first conference took place 7 years ago in Athens and since then it has become an institution for students and academics of these faculties.


The conference includes presentations of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral projects gleaned by a nationwide scientific committee composed by professors of the Departments of Electrical Engineering faculties all over Greece. Lectures which are going to be given by worldwide acknowledged scientists (keynote speakers) undoubtedly give prestige to the conference, while a series of workshops that will be held provides an interactive dimension to it. 


ECESCON appeals to everyone who wants to become acquainted with the Electrical Engineering field and the challenges an engineer has to confront. The ultimate purpose of the conference is young engineers to be put in touch, exchange different ideas and experiences and get tools useful for their upcoming career.