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The third day of the conference was introduced by the organizing committee of ECESCON 6. The source of this initiative was the enrichment of the conference so that it will stay consistent with the needs of our era. Inspired by this, ECESCON 7 will continue this effort by adding  extra features and by making yet another step forward.


The structure of this day differs from the other two, as its character is more “loose” and it has a different goal: to give an interactive dimension to the conference. In the spotlight will be various Startup and Spinoff companies and teams that already apply their business ideas, providing inspiration to the participants and transmitting the tempo of today’s job market.


Another act that ECESCON++ is focused on is the presentation of student groups and labs, coming not only from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki but also from every other university of the country. These are groups producing work of excellent quality that has been prized in national and global level. During the third day, every participant can visit the groups matching his/her interest, discuss with their members, being free to spend his/her time in the most productive way possible.


Last but not least, a series of workshops and contests being held in different hours and places will give the participants the opportunity to get their hands dirty and obtain knowledge valuable for their future.